Commit 084733ae authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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Use neon registers for loading the input. Slight slowdown.

parent 45040019
......@@ -141,38 +141,44 @@ define(<NOEXPN>, <
push {r4,r5,r6,r7,r8,r10,r14}
sub sp, sp, #128
C Load data up front. FIXME: Use aligned vld1, and vshl.
ands SHIFT, INPUT, #3
and INPUT, INPUT, $-4
ands SHIFT, INPUT, #7
and INPUT, INPUT, #-8
vld1.8 {d0}, [INPUT :64]
addne INPUT, INPUT, #8
addeq SHIFT, SHIFT, #8
lsl SHIFT, SHIFT, #3
mov I0, #0
movne I0, #-1
lsl I1, I0, SHIFT
uadd8 I0, I0, I1 C Sets APSR.GE bits
ldr I0, [INPUT]
addne INPUT, INPUT, #4
C Put right shift in d2 and d3, aka q1
vmov.i32 d2, #0
vmov.32 d2[0], SHIFT
vmov d3, d2
C Put left shift in d4 and d5, aka q2
add SHIFT, SHIFT, #64
vmov.i32 d4, #0
vmov.32 d4[0], SHIFT
vmov d5, d4
vshl.u64 d0, d0, d2
mov DST, sp
mov COUNT, #8
mov COUNT, #4
ldm INPUT!, {I1,I2,I3,I4}
sel IT, I0, I1
sel I0, I1, I2
ror I0, I0, SHIFT
rev I0, I0
rev I1, IT
sel IT, I2, I3
sel I2, I3, I4
ror I2, I2, SHIFT
rev I2, I2
rev I3, IT
C Set w[i] <-- w[i-1] >> RSHIFT + w[i] << LSHIFT
vld1.8 {d16,d17,d18,d19}, [INPUT :64]!
vshl.u64 q3, q8, q1 C Right shift
vshl.u64 q8, q8, q2 C Left shift
veor d16, d16, d0
veor d17, d17, d6
vrev64.8 q8, q8
vshl.u64 q0, q9, q1 C Right shift
vshl.u64 q9, q9, q2 C Left shift
veor d18, d18, d7
veor d19, d19, d0
vrev64.8 q9, q9
subs COUNT, COUNT, #1
stm DST!, {I0,I1,I2,I3}
mov I0, I4
vst1.64 {d16,d17,d18,d19}, [DST]!
vmov d0, d1
bne .Lcopy
mov COUNT,#2
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