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Rev: nettle/ChangeLog:1.88
parent 9784d367
2010-07-05 Niels Mller <>
* nettle.texinfo: Document new conventions for weak key and des
parity checks. Document des_check_parity.
* testsuite/des-test.c (test_weak): Don't check the deleted status
* des-compat.c (des_key_sched): Rewrote error checking logic for
the case of non-zero des_check_key.
* des3.c (des3_set_key): Changed weak key detection logic.
Complete key setup also for weak keys, and don't set the status
* des.c (des_set_key): New iteration logic, to keep key pointer
unchanged. Moved weak key check to the end, and don't set the
status attribute.
(des_encrypt): Ignore status attribute.
(des_decrypt): Likewise.
* des.h (enum des_error): Deleted.
(struct des_ctx): Deleted status attribute.
(struct des3_ctx): Likewise.
* blowfish.c (initial_ctx): Deleted status value.
(blowfish_encrypt): Ignore status attribute.
(blowfish_decrypt): Likewise.
(blowfish_set_key): return result from weak key check, without
setting the status attribute.
* blowfish.h (enum blowfish_error): Deleted.
(struct blowfish_ctx): Deleted status attribute.
* (des_headers): Deleted parity.h.
2010-06-30 Niels Mller <>
* testsuite/des-test.c (test_des): New function.
......@@ -1472,7 +1508,7 @@
HAVE_LIBCRYPTO. Benchmark openssl's aes and arcfour code.
* examples/nettle-openssl.c: Updated openssl des glue to use the
new openssl DES interface. Added glue for arcfour and aes.
new openssl des interface. Added glue for arcfour and aes.
2005-09-27 Niels Mller <>
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