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Started on NEWS-entry for 1.11.

Rev: src/nettle/NEWS:1.17
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NEWS for the 1.11 release
Nettle no longer uses automake. Side effects:
* Dependency tracking is enabled only for gcc-3 (help with
supporting dependency tracking with other compilers is
* Makefile compatibility with make programs other than GNU
make is mostly unknown, please report any problems.
Support for arctwo.
Fixes to the libdes compatibility code. Declarations should
now match openssl/libdes better. des_cbc_cksum pads
input with NUL's, if it's not an integral number of blocks (in
general, such unreversible padding is a bad idea).
By default, also the static library is compiled as position
independent code. This is needed on some systems to make it
possible to link nettle into a dynamically loaded module. Use
the configure flag --disable-pic if this is not desired.
Stricter constness typing for the sexp_iterator_assoc and
sexp_iterator_check_types arguments.
Speedup of arcfour on older x86 cpu:s, in particular PII and
NEWS for the 1.10 release NEWS for the 1.10 release
Nettle should now compile also on Tru64, Darwin, FreeBSD and Nettle should now compile also on Tru64, Darwin, FreeBSD and
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