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More NEWS entries for nettle-2.7.

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NEWS for the 2.7 release
This release includes an implementation of elliptic curve
cryptography (ECC) and optimizations for the ARM architecture.
This work was generously funded by the .SE Internet Fund.
Bug fixes:
* Fixed a bug in the buffer handling for incremental sha3
* Fixed a bug in the buffer handling for incremental SHA3
hashing, with a possible buffer overflow. Patch by Edgar
E. Iglesias.
New features:
* Support for ECDSA signatures. Elliptic curve operations over
the following curves: secp192r1, secp224r1, secp256r1,
secp384r1 and secp521r1, including x86_64 and ARM assembly
for the most important primitives.
* Support for UMAC, including x86_64 and ARM assembly.
* ARM assembly code for several additional algorithms,
including AES, Salsa20, and the SHA family of hash
* x86_64 assembly for SHA256, SHA512, and SHA3. (SHA3 assembly
was included in the 2.6 release, but disabled due to poor
performance on some AMD processors. Hopefully, that
performance problem is fixed now).
The ARM code was tested and benchmarked on Cortex-A9. Some of
the functions use "neon" instructions, which are not available
on all ARM processors. Feedback appreciated.
The libraries are intended to be binary compatible with
nettle-2.2 and later. The shared library names are and, with sonames still and
NEWS for the 2.6 release
Bug fixes:
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