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Updated git instructions.

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2012-02-18 Niels Möller <>
* index.html: Converted to xhtml (from lsh repository,
change dated 2012-02-03).
* index.html: Converted to xhtml (from lsh repository, change
dated 2012-02-03). Updated git instructions.
* nettle.texinfo: Updated charset declaration.
* misc/plan.html: Likewise.
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<h2> GIT access </h2>
As some shared but crucial files are not stored in the Nettle corner
of the GIT repository, the recommended way of GIT access is to check
out the entire LSH tree, as per the instructions at the <a
href="">LSH home page</a>, run the
top-level <tt>./.bootstrap</tt> script (which sets up a few important
symlinks and runs .bootstrap scripts in subdirectories), and then
descend into the <tt>nettle</tt> directory for a standard
<tt>./configure && make</tt> there.
The public git repository for Nettle is located at <a
After checkout, you need to run the <tt>.bootstrap</tt> script
before the standard <tt>./configure &amp;&amp; make</tt>.
A separate repository for Nettle is planned.
Earlier, Nettle was version controlled as part of the LSH
repository. When converted to the current repository, the history of
all files has been maintained as far as practical. But since the
directory organization used to be a bit different, building old
versions of Nettle from the current git repository does not work out
of the box. To do that, you have to check out historic versions from
the <a href=''>LSH repository</a>
<h2> Contact </h2>
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