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Avoid copy for y2.

Rev: nettle/misc/
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strict digraph sbox6i {
x0 [shape=box, label="\N"];
x1 [shape=box, label="\N"];
x2 [shape=box, label="\N"];
x3 [shape=box, label="\N"];
x0 [shape=box];
x1 [shape=box];
x2 [shape=box];
x3 [shape=box];
y0 [shape=box, label="\N"];
y1 [shape=box, label="\N"];
y2 [shape=box, label="\N"];
y3 [shape=box, label="\N"];
// To get to y1, we need to save t02
// To get to y3, we need to save y1, t02, t05, t07, t01
// To get to y0, we need to save t02, t07, t05, t01
y0 [shape=box];
y1 [shape=box];
y2 [shape=box];
y3 [shape=box];
// Get to y1
t02 [label="\N\ny3\n1"];
t06 [label="\N\ny0\n2"];
t08 [label="\N\ny1\n3"];
y1 [label="\N\n4"];
t01 [label="\N\ny2\n1"];
t02 [label="\N\nx2\n2"];
t06 [label="\N\ny0\n3"];
t08 [label="\N\ny1\n4"];
y1 [label="\N\n5"];
// Get to t05
t01 [label="\N\nx2\n4"];
t03 [label="\N\ny2\n5"];
t05 [label="\N\ny2\n6"];
t03 [label="\N\ny3\n6"];
t05 [label="\N\ny3\n7"];
// Get to t07
t16 [label="\N\nx3\n7"];
t04 [label="\N\ny3\n8"];
t07 [label="\N\ny3\n9"];
t16 [label="\N\nx3\n8"];
t04 [label="\N\nx2\n9"];
t07 [label="\N\nx2\n10"];
// Get to y0
t09 [label="\N\ny0\n10"];
y0 [label="\N\n11"];
t09 [label="\N\ny0\n11"];
y0 [label="\N\n12"];
// Get to y3
t13 [label="\N\ny2\n12"];
t15 [label="\N\ny3\n13"];
t17 [label="\N\nx0\n14"];
y3 [label="\N\n15"];
t13 [label="\N\ny3\n13"];
t15 [label="\N\ny3\n14"];
t17 [label="\N\nx0\n15"];
y3 [label="\N\n16"];
// Get to y2
t12 [label="\N\nx1\n16"];
t14 [label="\N\ny2\n17"];
y2 [label="\N\n18"];
// t02 [label="\N\nx2\n1"];
// t08 [label="\N\ny1\n2"];
// t06 [label="\N\ny2\n3"];
// y1 [label="\N\n4", shape=box];
// t04 [label="\N\ny0\n6"];
// t07 [label="\N\ny0\n7"];
// t16 [label="\N\nx2\n9"];
// t03 [label="\N\ny2\n10"];
// t05 [label="\N\nx3\n11"];
t12 [label="\N\nx1\n17"];
t14 [label="\N\ny2\n18"];
y2 [label="\N\n19"];
x0 -> t01; x2 -> t01; // t01 = x0 ^ x2;
x2 -> t02; // t02 = ~ x2;
x1 -> t03; t01-> t03; // t03 = x1 & t01;
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