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Started on NEWS entries for nettle-2.5.

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NEWS for the 2.5 release
* Various portability fixes for MacOS and M$ Windows. A lot of
this work done by Martin Storsjö.
* In particular, Nettle now hopefully works on 64-bit Windows
builds, "W64", including the x86_64 assemby code.
* Documentation for the base16 and base64 functions. Was
contributed by Jeronimo Pellegrini back in 2006, but
unfortunately forgotten until now.
* The nettle repository has been migrated from cvs to git,
with a public repository at To make it independent of
the LSH repository, a few files have been moved around.
While at it, files have also been converted from latin-1 to
The libraries are intended to be binary compatible with
nettle-2.2 and later. The shared library names are and, with sonames still and
NEWS for the 2.4 release
This is a bugfix release only. It turned out ripemd160 in the
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