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Add beemovie script

import argparse
import sys
from collections import namedtuple
TextPointer = namedtuple('TextPointer', 'index')
BEE_FILE = 'beemovie.txt'
def read_file(cache=[]):
if cache:
return cache
with open(BEE_FILE, 'r') as f:
lines = [x.strip() for x in f]
non_empty_lines = [x for x in lines if x]
for line in non_empty_lines:
return cache
def beetext():
return read_file()
def beeify(line, text_ptr, max_len, comment, inline_l, inline_r):
'''Returns an updated line and a new text pointer.'''
if len(line) > max_len and not NO_EXCEPT:
raise Exception("You have one line that is too long: {}".format(line))
if text_ptr.index >= len(beetext()):
return line, text_ptr
text = beetext()
# Fix inline comments
if inline_l:
space_len = 0
while space_len < len(line) and line[space_len] == ' ':
space_len += 1
space_len -= 1
current = inline_l
while len(current) + 1 + len(inline_r) + len(text[text_ptr.index]) <= space_len:
current += ' {}'.format(text[text_ptr.index])
text_ptr = TextPointer(text_ptr.index + 1)
if text_ptr.index >= len(text):
if current != inline_l:
while len(current) + 1 + len(inline_r) < space_len:
current += ' '
current += ' {}'.format(inline_r)
line = current + line[len(current):]
if line.strip().endswith('\\'):
# Use inline comments at end of line
current = ' {}'.format(inline_l)
while len(line) + len(current) + 1 + len(inline_r) + len(text[text_ptr.index]) <= max_len:
current += ' {}'.format(text[text_ptr.index])
text_ptr = TextPointer(text_ptr.index + 1)
if text_ptr.index >= len(text):
if current != inline_l:
while len(line) + len(current) + 1 + len(inline_r) < max_len:
current += ' '
current += ' {}'.format(inline_r)
return '{}{}'.format(line, current), text_ptr
# Fix end of line comments
current = ''
comment_len = len(' {}'.format(comment))
while text_ptr.index < len(text) and \
len(line) + comment_len + len(current) + len(text[text_ptr.index]) + 1 <= max_len:
current += ' {}'.format(beetext()[text_ptr.index])
text_ptr = TextPointer(text_ptr.index + 1)
if text_ptr.index >= len(beetext()):
if not current:
return line, text_ptr
# Left pad until right aligned
while len('{} {}{}'.format(line, comment, current)) < max_len:
line += ' '
return '{} {}{}'.format(line, comment, current), text_ptr
def beeify_file(fname, max_len, comment, text_ptr, L, R):
with open(fname, 'r') as f:
lines = [x.rstrip() for x in f.readlines()]
bee_lines = []
for line in lines:
bee, text_ptr = beeify(line, text_ptr, max_len, comment, L, R)
return bee_lines, text_ptr
def beeify_filename(fname):
return '{}.bee'.format(fname)
if __name__ == '__main__':
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Create bee-ified source code')
parser.add_argument('filename', nargs='+', help='Input files to apply the bee-ifier on')
parser.add_argument('--print', dest='should_print', action='store_const',
const=True, default=False, help='Prints the resulting file')
parser.add_argument('--width', type=int, default=80, help='width of each file line')
parser.add_argument('--comment', type=str, default='//', help='comment string')
parser.add_argument('--beesource', help='Specify source for bee movie script')
parser.add_argument('--exceptions', action='store_const',
const=True, default=False, help='Raise exceptions for long lines')
parser.add_argument('--comment-l', type=str, default='', dest='L',
help='Use this as left side of inline comment.')
parser.add_argument('--comment-r', type=str, default='', dest='R',
help='Use this as right side of inline comment. (Both left and right needs to be set to work)')
args = parser.parse_args()
BEE_FILE = BEE_FILE or args.beesource
NO_EXCEPT = not args.exceptions
L, R = args.L, args.R
text_ptr = TextPointer(0)
if args.should_print:
bee = []
for fname in args.filename:
line, text_ptr = beeify_file(fname, args.width, args.comment, text_ptr, L, R)
for line in bee:
for fname in args.filename:
beefname = beeify_filename(fname)
lines, text_ptr = beeify_file(fname, args.width, args.comment, text_ptr, L, R)
with open(beefname, 'w') as f:
for line in lines:
print(line, file=f)
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