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    Documentation updates w.r.t. e-mail import. · 263ba028
    Kent Engström authored
    (Predefined Aux-Item Types): Introduced some
    hints for client authors and clarified the description of some
    aux-items based on experiences from writing "komimportmail";
    changed definition of mx-in-reply-to to specify that is should
    really be the Message-ID used for threading, regardless of which
    header line that supplied it. Marked mx-allow-filter and
    mx-reject-forward obsolete.
    (komimportmail Aux-Item Types): new node describing
    the aux-items introduced by this importer.
    (Importing and Exporting E-Mail): rewrote most of the chapter,
    using experience from "komimportmail". Removed text about
    export, as it was rather naive.
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