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    (send-message): Document that recipient 0 means that the message is · 28dfff46
    Per Cederqvist authored
    	sent to all sessions.
    (get-last-text): Say that this relies on all texts being written
    	in chronological order.
    (set-client-version): This call can only be used once per session.  It
    	will return client-is-crazy if used twice.
    (get-client-version): This was called "get-client-name".
    (mark-text): Bogus example fixed.
    (unmark-text): Bogus example fixed.
    (lookup-z-name): The want-pers and want-confs arguments were
    	swapped in the function header.
    (set-info): Document that lyskomd 1.9.0 erroneously returned
    	text-zero if MOTD was 0.
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