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    Remove the reclamation field of Text_stat. · 46ec1c8b
    Per Cederqvist authored
    	* src/include/kom-types.h (Text_stat): Remove the reclamation
    	field.  It was a mistake to add it 2006-11-06.
    	* src/server/dbck-cache.c (cached_flush_text): Don't touch
    	* src/server/memory.c (copy_text_stat): Ditto.
    	(init_text_stat): Ditto.
    	* src/server/ram-output.c (foutput_text_stat_3): Ditto.
    	* src/server/ram-parse.c (fparse_text_stat_3): Ditto.
    	(fparse_text_stat_2): Ditto.
    	(fparse_text_stat_0): Ditto.
    	* src/server/simple-cache.c (cached_create_text): Ditto.
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