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    (Articles): Clarify the discussion about local and global text numbers. · 8d52582c
    Per Cederqvist authored
    (Persons and Sessions): Make this a @section instead of a
    	@subsection to Conferences.
    (The Misc-Info List): Mention that bcc-recpt are converted to
    	cc-recpt only when visible.
    (Client-Server Dialog): Spelling error fixed.  Mention that
    	not-implemented works only if the client follows the strict
    	rules regarding whitespace in protocol requests.
    (set-conf-type): Name the "four-bit conference type".
    (get-conf-stat-old): This returns a Conference-Old, not a Conference.
    (Future changes): Complain about super conferences, the securty
    	system, and last-text-read/read-texts.
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