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    Include version.texi and use @value{VERSION} instead of hard-coding the value. · dd571840
    Per Cederqvist authored
    (Overview): Add Peter Eriksson to the list of signficant
    	contributors.  ISC was a piece of very important "enabling
    (Parameter Types): Mention that all files are absolute if the begin with '/'.
    (Parameters): Use @var{} instead of @i{}.  Markup fixes and other
    	minor typo fixes.  The "Log statistics" path is used when the
    	server receives a SIGUSR1 signal -- not a SIGHUP!
    (Aux-Item Definition File): The file name was wrong.  Don't use
    	@i{}.  Document the "server" keyword.  Mention that permanent
    	aux-items will be deleted when the object they belong to are
    (Signals): Removed a note about SIGUSR2 not working on Suns.  It
    	should work fine there as well.
    (Files): Don't use @i{}.
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