Commit 04529dc8 authored by Per Cederqvist's avatar Per Cederqvist
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New file. This sed script removes all false warnings. New coding

standard rule: each (group of) removed warning(s) should be preceded
by a comment that gives an example of where the warning occurs.  I'm
starting with an almost empty file, and will add back the filters and
collect info on from where they originate.
parent c49ef64c
# This sed script removes known warnings for the benefit of Xenofarm.
# FIXME (bug 976): Lots of warnings from regex.c.
# glibc-2.1.2/gcc-2.95.2 on gratia.
/\/usr\/include\/inttypes.h:427: warning: function returns an aggregate/d
/\/usr\/include\/inttypes.h:428: warning: function call has aggregate value/d
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