Commit 07c936b9 authored by Per Cederqvist's avatar Per Cederqvist
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Check @linkhere usage. Stricter parens checking.

parent 229ce642
2001-04-28 Per Cederqvist <ceder@moria>
Check @linkhere usage. Stricter parens checking.
* doc/ (reader.check_paren_null): New name for former
check_paren_eof. All callers updated. Clear __parenstack, so
that errors are reported only once.
(lexer.__init__): Initialize __linkhere.
(lexer.toplevel_node): Check that no @linkhere or closing
parenthesis are pending.
(lexer.toplevel_reqdlink, lexer.__assert_no_linkhere)
(lexer.toplevel_linkhere): New methods.
Renamed modify_server_info to modify_system_info, to match
* src/include/services.h (modify_system_info): New name for former
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