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Release 1.6.2.

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Changes in lyskomd 1.6.2 (Release date 1994-06-19)
This is a bug-fix release.
* The parameter ``Default change name capability'' was ignored, so any
person created with release 1.6.1 of the server cannot change his
name. Use "dbck -r -c" to set the bit for everyone.
* The -c option to dbck is new.
* The parameter ``Ident-authentication'' now works, so it is now
possible to turn off ident authentication.
* find_previous_text_no is now much more efficient if the client tries
to search for a very large number. Version L0.12 of the tty-client
will probably use find_previous_text_no(MAX_TEXT_NO), so this fix is
For older news, see the various ChangeLog files.
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