Commit 0b1d7bd6 authored by Per Cederqvist's avatar Per Cederqvist
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Get rid of AIX 4.2 compiler warnings.

parent d588271e
2002-09-21 Per Cederqvist <>
Get rid of AIX 4.2 compiler warnings.
* src/isc_wait.c: Include strings.h.
* src/isc_event.c: Include strings.h.
* src/intern.h (socklen_t): Use the type that the configure script
has found, instead of always using unsigned int. AIX 4.2 wants an
size_t, which is an unsigned long.
* Check for strings.h. Check for a socklen_t type
that produces no warnings.
2002-09-10 Per Cederqvist <>
As expected, uint32_t is not universally available. SunOS
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