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Updated for release 1.9.0.

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Changes in lyskomd 1.8.1 (Release date 1996-0?-??)
Changes in lyskomd 1.9.0 (Release date 1996-08-04)
* The database format has changed. Old installations must convert
their old database -- see INSTALL for instructions. The database
now stores information about which text that is the
message-of-the-day, so that information no longer has to be set in
the config file.
* dbck now uses GNU getopt, and can take long options. See the man page
or "dbck --help".
......@@ -10,7 +16,33 @@ Changes in lyskomd 1.8.1 (Release date 1996-0?-??)
of the LysKOM user with all privileges, or if you happen to delete
that person by mistake.
* Portability fixes. This release of lyskomd has been compiled with 4
different compilers on 8 different CPU:s using 9 different OS:s. 3
different make programs have been used.
* The server supports idle-time handling using 3 new calls. Clients
are expected to use this new functionality shortly.
* Anonymous texts are still allowed per default, but it is now
possible to set a bit in the conference type of a conference so that
anonymous texts are rejected.
* New simplified rules for when adding and subtracting comment and
footnote links is allowed.
* Clients can now tell the server which asynchronous calls they are
interrested in receiving. This change can potentially decrease the
network bandwidth used by lyskomd in the future.
* Forward compatibility: the server now returns a normal error code
when the client attempts to use an unsupported call. The client can
now reliably try new calls and see if the server supports them.
* Several bug fixes. The most important is probably that lyskomd
should now stop cleanly when a HUP is received, even if a second HUP
signal is received while it is going down. This didn't work on all
Changes in lyskomd 1.8.0 (Release date 1995-11-08)
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