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Release administrativa. Create PDF and DVI output from the protocol

specification.  Doc fixes.
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2002-03-29 Per Cederqvist <ceder@moria>
* Release 2.0.6.
Release administrativa.
* HACKING: Updated version numbers. Mention Bugzilla.
* Set version 2.0.6.
* versions (SERVER-VERSION): 2.0.6.
* README: Updated for the 2.0.6 release.
* NEWS: Updated for the 2.0.6 release.
* doc/Protocol-A.texi (PROTOEDITION): Set to 10.6.
(VERSION): Set to 2.0.6.
(Document Edition History): Document changes in edition 10.6.
* doc/constructs.expected: Updated.
Create PDF and DVI output from the protocol specification.
* doc/ (pdf): New target.
(html): New target.
(Protocol-A.dvi): New target.
(Protocol-A.pdf): Use texi2dvi --pdf instead of texi2pdf.
(protocol-a.texi): New target. Major hack. Expand a few of the
macros so that texinfo.tex can cope with the rest.
(protocol-a/index.html): New target.
(.texi.notab): Use automake comments instead of /bin/sh comments.
(update-www): Also depend on protocol-a/index.html, Protocol-A.dvi
and Protocol-A.pdf, and install them.
(check): Also depend on the targets pdf and dvi.
Doc fixes.
* doc/Protocol-A.texi (create-person-old): Moved a misplaced brace
to its proper place.
(get-text): State that ^J represents a newline in the example.
(create-person-old): Move punctuation outside of quotes, according
to the Texinfo style guide.
2002-03-26 Per Cederqvist <>
Port to Cygwin.
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