Commit 1841a34c authored by Per Cederqvist's avatar Per Cederqvist
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Don't crash when a bad string length is supplied.

parent dd6dfffc
Mon Oct 23 07:52:44 1995 Per Cederqvist (
* ramkomd.c (go_daemon): Changed API. Use param.logfile_name
instead of trying to calculate it from supplied parameters. All
callers updated.
* prot-a-parse.c (prot_a_parse_string): Check for overflow when
parsing the string length. Logout the current client if the
string length supplied is so large that it becomes a negative
* mux-parse.c (mux_parse_string): Likewise, but log out the entire
Sat Oct 7 15:29:05 1995 Per Cederqvist (
* text-garb.c (garb_text): Don't remove any text if
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