Commit 1b5797e6 authored by Per Cederqvist's avatar Per Cederqvist
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Portability fixes.

New flag to lyskomd: -llocale.
parent 2f556bfc
Wed Oct 13 00:03:53 1993 Per Cederqvist (
* dbck-cache.c, simple-cache.c (SEEK_SET, SEEK_END): Define them,
if we cannot find them in <stdio.h>, <fcntl.h> or <unistd.h>.
* ramkomd.c (main): New option: "-llocale". Default is now to
never call setlocale().
* (LIBS): Not all systems support the -L flag to ld,
so avoid it. Give "$(LIBDIR)/libfoo.a" to ld instead of
"-L$(LIBDIR) -lfoo".
* log.{h,c} (log): Test HAVE_VFPRINTF, and use a substitute log
function if no vfprintf is available. The substitute might even
work on some architectures!
* ramkomd.c (restart_kom): Likewize.
* dbck.c (log, restart_kom): Ditto.
Tue Oct 12 19:36:41 1993 Per Cederqvist (
* getopt.h: Removed, since it was unused.
* ramkomd.c: Test HAVE_LOCALE_H.
* dbck-cache.c, dbck.c, person.c, ramkomd.c: Test HAVE_STDLIB_H.
* connections.c, isc-parse.c, membership.c, memory.h, mux.c,
person.c, ram-parse.c, ramkomd.c: Test HAVE_STRING_H.
* text.c (get_last_text): Now takes a (struct tm *) as argument,
not a time_t. That way we can use localtime() (which is POSIX)
instead of timelocal() (which appears to exist only on SunOS 4.x).
* call-switch.awk: Don't call timelocal when creating code for a
time_date. (The called function should expect a (struct tm *), not
a time_t as before).
Sun Oct 10 12:25:47 1993 Per Cederqvist (
* fncdef.txt: sync renamed to sync_kom, to avoid name clashes with
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