Commit 1e59e342 authored by Per Cederqvist's avatar Per Cederqvist

(Connecting to the Server): New node, containing the first part of the

	"Client-Server Dialog" node. Added a footnote about "Protocol
	A" and "Protocol B".  Added some missing markup.  Don't talk
	about what happens when a protocol other than Protocol A is
	used.  The error message for an unsupported protocol is
	"%%LysKOM unsupported protocol.", not "%%Unsupported
	protocol".  The error message used when no connections are
	available was lacking the trailing dot.
(Client-Server Dialog): Much text moved to "Connecting to the
	Server".  Mention that the client can issue several calls without
	waiting for the replies, but that it must read replies when they
	arrive.  Mention that the replies are sent back in the proper
	order, but that clients are wise not to rely on that.  Renamed
	error-no in the error-reply to error-code, to make the document
	more coherent.  Changed the type of error-code to INT32, and
	removed the types Error-No and error-no.  Added the "insane token
	length" and "insane array size" error messages to protocol-error.
(Error Responses): Node removed.  The old contents were moved into
	"Client-Server Dialog" or discarded because it was redundant.
(Protocol Error Messages): New name for former "Special Errors".
	Removed "%%No connections left.", since that message is only sent
	during connection establishment.
(Error Codes): Refer to error-status, not error-code.
(Future changes): Talk about why giving the server freedom to
	reorder the replies may be beneficial, and how it can be done
	without breaking any clients.
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