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(Aux-Item Types): Added canonical-name and mx-list-name.

(Predefined Aux-Item Types): Added a cross reference to Aux-Item Types.
(query-predefined-aux-items): Likewise.
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......@@ -769,7 +769,7 @@ field of an item, regardless of what the client requests.
All items with tags in the range 1-9999 and 30000 and up are considered
predefined. If a client attempts to create an item with a tag in this
range, but the server has no idea what that tag means, the server will
return an error (illegal-aux-item.)
return an error (@errorcode{illegal-aux-item}).
Some items with tags in the range 10000-19999 are also predefined.
They are items that initially were reserved for private use for a
......@@ -780,6 +780,9 @@ widespread use they can be redefined to be predefined. Such
redefinition will always be made in cooperation with the client
@xref{Aux-Item Types}, for the complete list of predefined Aux-Item
@node Client-Specific Aux-Item Types
@subsection Client-Specific Aux-Item Types
......@@ -7041,7 +7044,7 @@ Attempt to delete an undeletable item or create an uncreateable item.
Returns the list of aux-items that have specific definitions in the
server. These items are the only items within the restricted tag ranges
that can be created. The meanings of the various item types are defined
in this document.
in this document; see @ref{Aux-Item Types}.
@subheading Error codes
......@@ -8520,8 +8523,9 @@ Conference number 3, with priority 250. The membership should be
secret, passive and have the invitation bit set.
@item 4 253 01000000 garbage
Conference number 4, with priority 253. The membership should be
passive. The client should ignore the trailing garbage. Note that
clients are not allowed to create aux-items of this format, but the
passive. The client should ignore the trailing garbage; it is
reserved for future extensions. Note that
clients are not allowed to create aux-items of this format, but they
should be prepared to handle them correctly.
@end table
......@@ -8569,6 +8573,24 @@ client (or to the author of a new text). This may change in the
future, if experience shows that it is desirable to have the server
enforce the content type.
@item canonical-name [31] (server)
This should be set to the official domain name of the server,
optionally followed by a colon and the port number. The port number
should only be used if a non-standard port is used. Examples:
@samp{}, @samp{}. The intent
is that the @aux{canonical-name} should be globally unique among all
LysKOM servers. Only a single aux-item of this type can be set on the
server. This aux-item can be used by clients that wish to do certain
things only when connected to a specific server.
@item mx-list-name [32] (conference)
This item should only be used if the main purpose of the conference is
to import a single external mailing list. The data should be the
email address that is used to post to the list, such as
@item mx-mime-belongs-to [10100] (text)
Data is a decimal text number that this text is an attachment to. Most
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