Commit 228ffa19 authored by Per Cederqvist's avatar Per Cederqvist
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apcc lint removed.

parent 79f038d2
Sat Oct 22 13:05:54 1994 Per Cederqvist (
* membership.c (add_rec_time): Removed unused argument
conf_no. The only caller updated.
* simple-cache.c (cached_conf_exists): Explicitly return TRUE or
FALSE, not a boolean expression, to get rid of apcc warnings.
* text.c (adjust_text_list): Likewise.
* ram-parse.c (fparse_misc_info): Check that the number fits in an
Info_type before storing it there.
* prot-a.h, prot-a.c: (prot_a_reply): Type of argument status
should be Success, not Bool.
* prot-a.c (prot_a_init): Initialize conn->function to
call_fnc_login_old, not 0.
* prot-a.c (prot_a_parse_packet): Added a cast to make apcc happy.
* prot-a-parse.c (prot_a_parse_misc_info): Likewise.
* connections.c (parse_forgotten, toploop): Get rid of apcc
warning by not using "!" to negate a Bool.
* dbck.c (adjust_text_list): Likewise.
* session.c (login): Likewise.
* conference.c (set_conf_type): Return FAILURE, not 0.
Sat Aug 20 00:04:37 1994 Per Cederqvist (
* log.c: Include unistd.h.
Thu Jun 30 01:05:09 1994 Per Cederqvist (
* version.incl: Version 1.6.4.
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