Commit 268965d1 authored by Kent Engström's avatar Kent Engström
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(Parameters): Moved cross-reference to stop newer makeinfo versions

from complaining.
parent 474c9672
\input texinfo
@c $Id: lyskomd.texi,v 1.29 1999/07/10 22:54:18 ceder Exp $
@c $Id: lyskomd.texi,v 1.30 1999/10/12 19:54:05 kent Exp $
@c %**start of header
@include version.texi
......@@ -362,7 +362,8 @@ Default is @file{etc/memory-usage}.
@item Aux-item definition file: @var{path}
This file defines which aux-items the server should support and how it
should handle them. @xref{Aux-Item Definition File} for more details.
should handle them. You will find the details in
@xref{Aux-Item Definition File}.
The path is relative to the installation prefix. Default is
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