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Release administrativa. Don't allow the garb thread to be starved.

Tune the garb parameters.  (Bug 1129).  Document the garb.  (Bug 194).
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2003-08-29 Per Cederqvist <>
Release administrativa.
* Set version 2.1.2.
* versions (SERVER-VERSION): Set to 2.1.2.
* doc/Protocol-A.texi (PROTOEDITION): Set to 11.1.
(VERSION): Set to 2.1.2.
(Document Edition History): Added an entry for 11.1. Added
missing "Distributed with" line for 11.0.
(Top): Say that this was "first distributed with" a certain
lyskomd release, not that it "corresponds to" a release. This
way, the text is more accurate if a bug-fix release of lyskomd is
made without updating the Protocol-A.texi file.
* NEWS: Updated for the 2.1.2 release.
* README: Mention that the bug 1121 fix will write stuff to the
Don't allow the garb thread to be starved. Tune the garb
parameters. (Bug 1129).
* src/server/text-garb.c (garb_callback): Always run the garb, so
that it cannot be completely starved.
* src/server/server-config.c (parameters): Changed "Garb busy
postponement" from 20 to 50 milliseconds. Changed "Garb timeout"
from 100 to 0 milliseconds.
* src/include/kom-types.h (Text_stat): Remove swedish in a comment.
* doc/lyskomd.texi (Parameters): Updated "Garb busy postponement"
and "Garb timeout".
Document the garb. (Bug 194).
* doc/Protocol-A.texi (Garb): New chapter.
Check for a potential memory leak when killing a client.
(Bug 149).
* src/server/internal-connections.c (kill_client): Check that no
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