Commit 27da7b97 authored by Per Cederqvist's avatar Per Cederqvist
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(isc_accept_callback): Removed the cb_mcb argument.

(isc_write_error_cb): Removed the cb_mcb and user arguments.
(isc_stale_output_cb): Ditto.
(isc_set_read_callback): Removed the user argument.  Use the udg
	field of the isc_scb instead.
parent 643db0f3
......@@ -45,18 +45,13 @@ struct isc_scb;
/* When a new TCP client conntects. */
typedef void *isc_accept_callback(struct isc_mcb *cb_mcb,
struct isc_scb *cb_accepting_session,
typedef void *isc_accept_callback(struct isc_scb *cb_accepting_session,
struct isc_scb *cb_new_session);
typedef void isc_write_error_cb(struct isc_mcb *cb_mcb,
struct isc_scb *cb_session,
int saved_errno,
void *user);
typedef void isc_write_error_cb(struct isc_scb *cb_session,
int saved_errno);
typedef void isc_stale_output_cb(struct isc_mcb *cb_mcb,
struct isc_scb *cb_session,
void *user);
typedef void isc_stale_output_cb(struct isc_scb *cb_session);
typedef void isc_write_queue_change_cb(int delta_bytes);
......@@ -164,8 +159,7 @@ isc_set_read_callback(struct isc_scb *session,
oop_call_fd *data_available_cb,
isc_write_error_cb *write_error_cb,
isc_stale_output_cb *stale_output_cb,
isc_stale_output_cb *idle_cb,
void *user);
isc_stale_output_cb *idle_cb);
** Dynamically change the acceptable idle timeout of a session. This
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