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(send-message): Document that recipient 0 means that the message is

	sent to all sessions.
(get-last-text): Say that this relies on all texts being written
	in chronological order.
(set-client-version): This call can only be used once per session.  It
	will return client-is-crazy if used twice.
(get-client-version): This was called "get-client-name".
(mark-text): Bogus example fixed.
(unmark-text): Bogus example fixed.
(lookup-z-name): The want-pers and want-confs arguments were
	swapped in the function header.
(set-info): Document that lyskomd 1.9.0 erroneously returned
	text-zero if MOTD was 0.
parent f0509d0e
\input texinfo @c -*-texinfo-*-
@c $Id: Protocol-A.texi,v 1.40 1998/10/17 16:37:52 ceder Exp $
@c $Id: Protocol-A.texi,v 1.41 1998/10/22 22:11:56 ceder Exp $
@c %**start of header
@settitle LysKOM Protocol A
......@@ -5216,7 +5216,8 @@ Person @code{pers-no} does not exist or is secret.
@end example
This call sends the message @code{message} to all members of
@code{recipient} that are currently logged in.
@code{recipient} that are currently logged in. If @code{recipient} is
0, the message is sent to all sessions that are logged in.
1 53 4 14HThis is a test
......@@ -5405,6 +5406,14 @@ This call returns the number of the last text created before
@code{before}. There is no guarantee that the text is readable by the
person making the request, or that the text even exists.
This call assumes that all texts are written in chronological order,
when the time is expressed in the local time zone of the server. That
may not always be the case in real life. When daylight savings time
reverts to standard time the same time span will occur twice. The clock
of the server may also have been adjusted manually from time to time.
This protocol specification does not mandate what the server should do
in such cases.
1 58 49 6 22 19 6 97 6 199 1
@t{=1 11}
......@@ -5639,8 +5648,8 @@ Attempt to log in as person number 0.
@end example
This call is obsolete. It has been replaced by @pxref{who-is-on-dynamic}
and @pxref{get-static-session-info}. It used to return a list of all
active and visible sessions.
and @pxref{get-static-session-info}. It returns a list of all visible
@unnumberedsubsubsec Error codes
......@@ -5775,7 +5784,7 @@ that client is being used. The name of the client is passed in
@code{client-name} and the version in @code{client-version}. The
information sent in this call is made available to other sessions
through the @pxref{get-client-name} and @pxref{get-client-version}
calls. This call should be used exactly once per session.
1 56
......@@ -5801,6 +5810,11 @@ client version of session number 7, which is, as expected, the string
@table @code
@item string-too-long
The string @code{client-name} or @code{client-version} is too long.
@item client-is-crazy
The client attempted to use this call more than once. The error-status
is undefined.
@end table
@node get-client-name, get-client-version, set-client-version, Protocol Requests
......@@ -5835,7 +5849,7 @@ The session @code{session} does not exist.
@findex get-client-version
get-client-name [71] ( session : Session-No )
get-client-version [71] ( session : Session-No )
@end example
......@@ -5878,7 +5892,7 @@ servers should not delete texts that have marks, except by user request.
1 23
@t{=1 *}
@t{=1 0 *}
2 72 110 230
3 23
......@@ -5925,7 +5939,7 @@ This call removes any marks the logged-in person has set on the text
2 73 110
3 23
@t{=3 *}
@t{=3 0 *}
@end example
This example shows how a user with a mark set on text number 110 removes
......@@ -6029,8 +6043,8 @@ This call always succeeds.
@findex lookup-z-name
lookup-z-name [76] (( name : HOLLERITH;
want-confs : BOOL;
want-pers : BOOL; ))
want-pers : BOOL;
want-confs : BOOL; ))
-> ( ARRAY Conf-Z-Info );
@end example
......@@ -6187,14 +6201,25 @@ number is silently ignored by the server.
@table @code
@item login-first
Login required before issuing this call.
@item permission-denied
Administrator bit not set or privileges not enabled.
@item undefined-conference
One of the conferences in @code{info} does not exist.
@item no-such-text
The MOTD text in @code{info} does not exist.
@item mark-limit
The MOTD text in @code{info} already has the maximum number of marks.
@item text-zero
This error message should never be returned, but lyskomd 1.9.0
erroneously returned this error message if the MOTD text in @code{info}
was set to 0. That should mean that there should be no message of the
day, and the current implementation of the server does accept MOTD to be
@end table
@node accept-async, query-async, set-info, Protocol Requests
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