Commit 2a430bfd authored by Per Cederqvist's avatar Per Cederqvist
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(get-unread-confs): Clarify that passive memberships are never returned.

parent cdd33f2d
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
@c FIXME: Explain how the garb works with nice and keep-commented
@c $Id: Protocol-A.texi,v 1.78 1999/06/25 16:24:19 ceder Exp $
@c $Id: Protocol-A.texi,v 1.79 1999/06/25 21:40:55 ceder Exp $
@c %**start of header
@settitle LysKOM Protocol A
......@@ -5445,6 +5445,7 @@ session must log on as a person with access to that information.
The result is guaranteed to include all conferences where @code{pers-no}
has unread texts. It may also return some extra conferences.
Passive memberships are never returned.
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