Commit 2c59f0d5 authored by David Byers's avatar David Byers
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dbck: Fixed but where output format was not selected correctly. Fixed

      bug where server info was lost in copying. Added options to
      change server info.
lyskomd: Implemented set-info call. Made sync-kom privileged. Added
      configuration file option to negate that change. New input type,
      info available to services.
parent 0b23af77
Sun Jun 9 10:36:29 1996 David Byers <>
* server-config.c: Added "Permissive sync" option.
* param.h: Added permissive_sync
* admin.c (sync_kom): Checks that the calling session is logged in
and an administrator unless the configuration file has
permissive_sync on.
* dbck-cache.c (init_cache): Override database kom_info with
command-line kom_info.
(cache_sync): Output kom_info structure.
* dbck.c: Initialize oformat to -1 (no explicit output format).
(main): Added options to set kom-info fields
(give_help): Added help for the new options.
* dbck-cache.c (init_cache): If no explicit output format is
given, select output format to be the same as the input format.
* (DBCK): Added getopt.o and getopt1.o
* dbck-cache.c (init_cache): Initialize read_text_num and
read_conf_num to avoid compiler warnings.
* dbck.c (locate_membership): Declared non-static to avoid
conflict with membership.h
(locate_member): Declared non-static to avoid conflict with
(top level): Include crypt.h
Tue Mar 12 22:40:52 1996 Per Cederqvist (
* membership.c (add_member): Log a message if somebody adds
......@@ -104,7 +104,7 @@ DISKOBJS = ramkomd.o ram-smalloc.o simple-cache.o ram-parse.o ram-output.o \
DBCK = dbck.o dbck-cache.o ram-smalloc.o ram-parse.o server-config.o\
ram-output.o memory.o conf-file.o
ram-output.o memory.o conf-file.o getopt1.o getopt.o version-info.o
# Files for encrypt (a program to transform the database from unencrypted
# apasswords to encrypted). No longer supported.
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