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* cache-database - header
* cache: Database low-level driver
* Pontus Hagland 1993-10-07
#define DEFEATSIZE 32
#define DEFEATSTRING "Lyskom from Lysator - PH 931007"
/* 01234567890123456789012345678901 */
struct cachebaseheader
unsigned long blocksize;
unsigned long highblock;
unsigned long highnumber;
unsigned long blockgeneration;
time_t ts_created;
time_t ts_written;
unsigned long hex01234567,hex89abcdef,sizeofint,sizeoflong;
struct cachebase /* use only internal in cache-database.c */
FILE *fp;
FILE *ifp;
char *filename;
char *indexname;
unsigned long writeonblock;
struct cb_blocklist *freelist;
struct cb_blocklist *regenlist;
struct cachebaseheader header;
unsigned long active_records;
/* function definitions */
struct cachebase *
cb_open(char *filename,char *indexname,unsigned int blocksize);
cb_close(struct cachebase *cb);
cb_writerecord(struct cachebase *cb,
unsigned long no,
void *buffert,
unsigned int size);
void *
cb_getrecord(struct cachebase *cb,
unsigned long no);
cb_eraserecord(struct cachebase *cb,
unsigned long no);
unsigned long
cb_nextnumber(struct cachebase *cb);
This diff is collapsed.
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