Commit 31409830 authored by Per Cederqvist's avatar Per Cederqvist
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Version 1.4.

Allow 450000 texts.
Fixed loop on system shutdown.
Better error codes from legal_name().
New questions: lookup_person, lookup_conf, set_client_version,
get_client_version, get_client_name, mark_text, unmark_text.
It is now possible to mark texts with mark type 0.
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Thu Aug 5 01:01:44 1993 Per Cederqvist (
* version.incl: Version 1.4 (not released).
* tmp-limits.h: Allow 450000 texts.
* simple-cache.c (init_cache): Don't print false error messages
when the -L option is not given.
* simple-cache.c (sync_part): Prevent lyskomd from looping
endlessly when the server is shut down, by always returning TRUE
when a save cycle is finished (even if a new cycle should be
initiated immediately).
* conference.c (legal_name): Set kom_errno to KOM_LONG_STR or
KOM_BAD_NAME if it fails. Updated all callers of legal_name to not
set kom_errno.
* tmp-difftime.h: New includefile, which should be removed as soon
as possible (when configuration is improved).
* missing-ansi.c, connections.c, text-garb.c, simple-cache.c,
session.c: Include it.
* fncdef.txt: Added lookup_person and lookup_conf.
* conference.c (do_lookup, lookup_person, lookup_conf): New functions.
* fncdef.txt: Added set_client_version, get_client_name and
* session.c (set_client_version, get_client_name,
get_client_version): New functions.
* connections.h (struct connection): Added new fields named
client_name and client_version.
* internal-connections.c (EMPTY_CONNECTION, new_client,
kill_client): Initialize/destruct the fields as appropriate.
* cache.h, simple-cache.c (cached_create_text): The string is a const.
* text.c (create_text, create_anonymous_text): Likewize.
* It is now possible to mark texts with mark_type 0.
* fncdef.txt: Renamed mark_text to mark_text_old.
* fncdef.txt: Added mark_text and unmark_text.
* person.c: (do_unmark_text): New function: delete a mark.
* person.c: (do_mark_mark_text): Never delete a mark. All callers
changed to use do_unmark_text instead where appropriate.
* person.c: (mark_text, unmark_text): New functions.
* person.c: (mark_text_old): Compatibility function that calls
mark_text or unmark_text depending on mark_type. This will now
return an error if you unmark at text that you had not marked.
* prot-a.c (is_legal_fnc): Track the above changes.
Mon Mar 15 02:32:16 1993 Per Cederqvist (
* version.incl: Version 1.3.3 (not released).
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