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(Document Edition History): Added an entry for 11.1. Added missing

	"Distributed with" line for 11.0.
(Top): Say that this was "first distributed with" a certain lyskomd
	release, not that it "corresponds to" a release.  This way,
	the text is more accurate if a bug-fix release of lyskomd is
	made without updating the Protocol-A.texi file.
parent 399c1952
......@@ -282,7 +282,8 @@
This is the LysKOM Protocol A specification, edition
@value{PROTOEDITION}. It specifies version @value{PROTOVER} of the
protocol. It corresponds to version @value{VERSION} of lyskomd.
protocol. It was first distributed with version @value{VERSION} of
Copyright @copyright{} 1995-2003 Lysator ACS.
......@@ -383,8 +384,8 @@ border=0 height=40 align=left ></a>
@top LysKOM Protocol A
This document specifies version @value{PROTOVER} of LysKOM Protocol A.
This is edition @value{PROTOEDITION} of the specification. It
corresponds to version @value{VERSION} of lyskomd.
This is edition @value{PROTOEDITION} of the specification. It was
first distributed with version @value{VERSION} of lyskomd.
The most up-to-date version if this document can always be found at
......@@ -11599,6 +11600,27 @@ All calls from 0--56.
@table @asis
@item 11.1: 2003-08-30
@emph{Extended aux-item:} @aux{mx-refuse-import} [35] now suports the
value @code{html}. @xref{Aux-Item Types}.
@emph{New sections:} @xref{Garb}, for information about how the garb
works. @xref{Extracted grammar}, for information about
machine-readable grammars extracted from this specification.
@emph{Typographic improvements:} The section heading of all
asynchronous messages now contains the async number.
@emph{Fixed errors:} In the info manual, the status codes in the menus
of request and asynchronous messages were set to @samp{r} instad of
@samp{O} for @req{who-is-on-ident}, @req{get-session-info-ident} and
@async{async-new-text-old}. Several section headings for obsolete
requests was missing information about when the request became
Distributed with lyskomd 2.1.2.
@item 11.0: 2003-08-24
@emph{New aux-items:} @aux{mx-refuse-import} [35]. @xref{Aux-Item
......@@ -11696,6 +11718,8 @@ for @reqlink{create-text}.
@asynclink{async-leave-conf} is not sent when the person is deleted,
so don't say that it is.
Distributed with lyskomd 2.1.0.
@item 10.7: 2002-11-03
@emph{Fixed errors:} The description of common block of the user area
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