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(Predefined Aux-Item Types): The last space and descriptive text in a

	cross-reference are optional.  Added recommended-conf.
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......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
@c FIXME: Explain how the garb works with nice and keep-commented
@c $Id: Protocol-A.texi,v 1.92 1999/07/25 16:06:39 kent Exp $
@c $Id: Protocol-A.texi,v 1.93 1999/08/18 11:15:48 ceder Exp $
@c %**start of header
@settitle LysKOM Protocol A
......@@ -856,13 +856,15 @@ never anonymous and is never secret.
@item cross-reference [3] (text, conference)
Data is a cross-reference to something else. The contents consist of a
letter, a number, a space and a descriptive text. The letter must be one
letter, a number, and optionally a space and a descriptive text. The
letter must be one
of T, C or P. T specifies that the cross-reference points to a text; C
that it points to a conference; and P that it points to a person. The
number is the id of the target of the cross reference. The descriptive
text is simly that, a text that describes the cross-reference. For
example, "T15 Check this out!" is a cross reference to text 15 with a
description that reads "Check this out!".
description that reads "Check this out!", and "T17" is a cross reference
without a description.
The inherit bit is automatically cleared and the item can always be
......@@ -1141,6 +1143,34 @@ entire system. Items of this kind can only be created by the LysKOM
server itself. Texts with this item are protected from garbage
@item recommended-conf [29] (server)
Data is a decimal number specifying a conference that new members should
automatically be added to, optionally followed by a space and a
recommended priority, optionally followed by a space and a membership
type. In the future, additional data may be defined; clients should
be prepared to accept and ignore a space and any trailing data that may
follow the membership type.
A few examples might clarify what the data may look like:
@table @code
@item 1
Conference number 1.
@item 2 32
Conference number 2, with priority 32.
@item 3 250 11100000
Conference number 3, with priority 250. The membership should be
secret, passive and have the invitation bit set.
@item 4 253 01000000 garbage
Conference number 4, with priority 253. The membership should be
passive. The client should ignore the trailing garbage. Note that
clients are not allowed to create aux-items on this format, but the
should be prepared to hande them correctly.
@end table
This is a recommendation only; it is up to the client that creates a new
person to also add him to the conferences that are specified via
@end table
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