Commit 3d2d41b2 authored by Per Cederqvist's avatar Per Cederqvist
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(Order of misc-info groups): Fix typo.

(Document Edition History): Updated edition 10.7 according to the NEWS
	file from 2002-08-17.
parent 63987e52
......@@ -9382,7 +9382,7 @@ recommended to use this order
@itemize @bullet
@item any @misc{footn-to} items
@item any @misc{comment-to} items
@item any @misc{comm-to} items
@item any @misc{recpt} items
@item any @misc{cc-recpt} items
@item any @misc{bcc-recpt} items
......@@ -9952,6 +9952,49 @@ All calls from 0--56.
@table @asis
@item 10.7: FIXME
@emph{Fixed errors:} The description of common block of the user area
was just plain wrong. @xref{The User Area}, for the updated
The documentation for no-of-created-texts in the @type{Person} structure
was wrong. @xref{Person}.
The documentation for the privilege bits @priv{create-conf} and
@priv{create-pers} stated that they are by default on. In fact, they
are by default ignored, but off. @xref{Security}.
The example for @reqlink{re-z-lookup} was wrong.
@emph{Protocol change:} Added a new "language" value to the common
block of the user area. @xref{The User Area}.
@emph{New aux-items:} @aux{world-readable} [34],
@aux{elisp-client-read-faq} [10000] and
@aux{elisp-client-rejected-recommendation} [10001]. @xref{Aux-Item
@emph{Modified aux-item:} @aux{send-comments-to} [33] may now also
contain an optional recipient type. @xref{Aux-Item Types}.
@emph{Previously undocumented stuff:} The rules for when a membership
is visible are now documented. @xref{Membership visibility}.
Documented the @field{unread-is-secret} flag of @type{Person}.
The documentation for @reqdlink{get-person-stat-old} was
The Message-ID of exported texts is now documented.
@emph{Editorial changes:} Several spelling errors, typos, et c were
Distributed with lyskomd 2.0.7.
@item 10.6: 2002-03-29
@emph{Fixed errors:} The format of the user area was plain wrong. The
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