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If you got this code by checking it out from the CVS repository of
Lysator, you have to perform a few commands before following the
instructions in INSTALL:
This requires that the following programs are installed:
automake-1.4 (or better)
autoconf-2.13 (or better)
You have to use gcc and GNU make when you build isc, since the
automake rules that update the dependencies require that. See the
automake documentation for more information. (Note that these
restrictions do not apply to distributions of isc made with "make
How to make a release of isc:
* Change the version number in the AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE macro in
* Update the year in all copyright statements.
* Update README.DEVO, especially the versions of the various tools used.
* Update NEWS if this is a full release.
* Ensure that all documentation is up to date, or that README says
that it isn't.
* Write a note in ChangeLog.
* Commit all code.
* Run these commands to ensure that all generated files are up-to-date:
make dist
* Test the resulting archive on several architectures. If any
problems are found, fix them, and start from the beginning. This
step may be skipped if this is a snapshot release, or if there is no
test suite written yet.
* Set a CVS tag. Full release are tagged like this:
cvs tag isc_0_99_final
Snapshot releases are tagged like this:
cvs tag isc_0_99_post_1
* Move the tar file to
aka /lysator/ftp/pub/unix/isc/
* Announce the release in the following forums:
- The LysKOM conference "ISC internals".
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