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(Simple Data Types): Talk a little about character sets under

	HOLLERITH, without saying anything definite.  (Bug 339).
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......@@ -1033,6 +1033,24 @@ nulls.
Long live FORTRAN!
@cindex character set
@cindex Unicode
The character set used in the strings is not yet specified by Protocol
A. In the future, some Unicode encoding will probably be used, but it
is not yet decided which one or how the transition will be handled.
@url{, Bug 99} is
about the need for a Unicode roadmap; check that bug for the current
state of the plans.
For now, which character set to use is a local policy of each server
installation. There is not yet any way in the protocol to specify the
character set that a certain server uses. Most clients currently
assume that ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1) is used, and the default collate
table of lyskomd also assumes ISO 8859-1. Conference names must
currently use an 8-bit character set encoding where whitespace is
defined as in ASCII, or conference matching won't work.
@reqlink{get-collate-table} contains some more information about
character set issues.
......@@ -9774,4 +9792,4 @@ End:
@c LocalWords: rec recpt ref regexp regexps rkom sans stat struct submitters
@c LocalWords: sven svensson swascii sync synched synching texinfo tkom kent
@c LocalWords: ttykom uconf undef unmark userid username val varg yoruba dont
@c LocalWords: Nyheter davby Testconf com
@c LocalWords: Nyheter davby Testconf com Unicode roadmap
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