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Documented all changed path names.

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Changes in lyskomd 2.1.0 (Release date 2003-08-XX)
* Installation changes:
** The file system layout has changed. The following files and
directories have been moved. As a result, it should now be safe to
install lyskomd with prefix set to /usr/local or even /usr. The
default prefix is still /usr/lyskom, however. See README for
upgrade instructions.
lyskomd path: bin/lyskomd sbin/lyskomd
savecore path: bin/savecore sbin/savecore-lyskom
Data file: db/lyskomd-data var/lyskomd/db/lyskomd-data
Backup file: db/lyskomd-backup var/lyskomd/db/lyskomd-backup
Backup file 2: db/lyskomd-backup-prev var/lyskomd/db/lyskomd-backup-prev
Lock file: db/lyskomd-lock var/lyskomd/db/lyskomd-lock
Text file: db/lyskomd-texts var/lyskomd/db/lyskomd-texts
Number file: db/number.txt var/lyskomd/db/number.txt
Number temp file: db/number.tmp var/lyskomd/db/number.tmp
Text backup file: db/lyskomd-texts-backup var/lyskomd/db/lyskomd-texts-backup
Status file: etc/status var/lyskomd/db/status
Log file: etc/server-log var/lyskomd.log
Log statistics: etc/lyskomd-log var/lyskomd.stats
Memory usage file: etc/memory-usage var/lyskomd.memory
Core directory: cores var/lyskomd.cores
Pid file: etc/pid var/run/
Connection status file:
etc/connections.txt var/lyskomd.clients
Connection status temp file:
etc/connections.tmp var/lyskomd.clnt.tmp
Backup export directory:
exportdb var/lyskomd/exportdb
All other binaries have also been moved from "bin" to "sbin".
Changes in lyskomd 2.0.7 (Release date 2002-11-03)
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