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(mark-as-read): Document the error code long-array.

parent d78716bf
......@@ -4575,18 +4575,28 @@ server will automatically mark them as read, sooner or later.
@table @errorcode
@item login-first
Login required before issuing this call.
@item undefined-conference
The conference @rarg{conference} does not exist or is secret.
@item conference-zero
@rarg{conference} is zero.
@item not-member
The person logged on is not a member of conference @rarg{conference}.
@item no-such-local-text
One of the numbers in @rarg{text} is not a local text number in
@rarg{conference}. The error argument indicates the index of the invalid
@item local-text-zero
One of the numbers in @rarg{text} is zero.
@item long-array
The @rarg{text} array is too long. @field{error-status} indicates the
maximum array size.
@end table
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