Commit 535853d9 authored by Per Cederqvist's avatar Per Cederqvist
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Re-implement komrunning in C. Introduce the "Status file" parameter.

Move pid file reading to pidfile.c.
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1999-04-17 Per Cederqvist <>
Re-implement komrunning in C.
* src/server/standalone.c (register_jubel): Dummy implementation.
* src/server/dbck.c (register_jubel): Moved to standalone.c.
* src/server/dbck-cache.c (kom_info): Moved to standalone.c.
* src/server/komrunning.c: New file; a reimplementation of in C.
* src/server/ (bin_PROGRAMS): Added komrunning.
(komrunning_SOURCES): New variable, which among other files
includes komrunning.c.
(updateLysKOM_SOURCES): Added pidfile.c.
(dbck_SOURCES): Added standalone.c.
* run-support/ Removed.
* run-support/ (komrunning): Target removed.
(bin_SCRIPTS): Removed komrunning.
(EXTRA_DIST): Removed
(MOSTLYCLEANFILES): Removed komrunning.
Introduce the "Status file" parameter.
* src/server/server-config.c (parameters): Added "Status file".
(read_configuration): Handle param.status_file.
* src/server/param.h (struct kom_par): Added status_file.
* doc/lyskomd.texi (Parameters): Documented "Status file".
Move pid file reading to pidfile.c.
* src/server/updateLysKOM.c (main): Use pidfile to simplify code.
* src/server/pidfile.h (read_pid_file): New function.
* src/server/pidfile.c (read_pid_file): New function.
1999-04-15 Per Cederqvist <>
Document 103=local-to-global.
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