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(Parameters): Removed "Mux port".

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\input texinfo
@c $Id: lyskomd.texi,v 1.12 1999/04/19 20:15:53 ceder Exp $
@c $Id: lyskomd.texi,v 1.13 1999/04/28 22:14:44 ceder Exp $
@c %**start of header
@include version.texi
......@@ -228,22 +228,12 @@ clients. @var{hostname} may be a FQDN (such as
@samp{}) or an IP number (such as @samp{}).
Default is to bind @code{INADDR_ANY}, which means that the server will
listen to all IP numbers of the computer it is running on.
This parameter is also used for the mux port.
@item Client port: @var{portname}
Listen for new clients on port @var{portname}. The default is 4894, which
is what all clients expect. Do not change this parameter without really
good reason.
@item Mux port: @var{portname}
Listen for mux connections on @var{portname}. Muxes can be used to
multiplex several clients on a single file descriptor. The mux runs as a
separate process. This was used historically when LysKOM ran on a
machine were only 20 file descriptors coule be open at once. The mux
code has not been released. Send a mail to
@email{} if you need it. The default port
number is 4895.
@item Presentation of conferences: @var{int}
The number of the conference where presentations should be sent.
Defaults to 1. This option is ignored in lyskomd 1.9 and later. Set this
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