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Use ADNS to look up IPv4 addresses. (Bug 627).

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2003-08-06 Per Cederqvist <>
Use ADNS to look up IPv4 addresses. (Bug 627).
* src/isc.h (enum isc_resolve_status): Added
(isc_resolve_remote): Return 0 on success.
* src/intern.h (struct isc_mcb): Added adns.
(struct isc_scb_internal): Added adns_query.
* src/isc_socket.c (isc_dns_resolve_adns_cb): New function.
(isc_resolve_remote): Try to use adns to look up the address.
Fall back to the old method if adns returns ENOSYS, which
indicates that it doesn't support the addess family.
* src/isc_session.c (isc_create): Initialize adns_query.
(isc_destroy): Cancel any pending adns query.
* src/isc_master.c (isc_initialize): Initialize an oop adns
(isc_shutdown): Delete the oop adns adapter.
* src/isc_abort.c: Include "adns.h" and "oop-adns.h".
* src/isc_alloc.c:
* src/isc_compat.c:
* src/isc_event.c:
* src/isc_message.c:
* src/isc_output.c:
* src/isc_queue.c:
* src/isc_relocate.c:
* src/isc_stdout.c:
* src/isc_tcp.c:
2003-08-05 Per Cederqvist <>
Restructure the DNS lookup API in preparation of ADNS
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