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(About Aux-Items): Reduce the amount of text talking about aux-items

	on persons.
(Aux-Item Inheritance): New node.
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......@@ -744,6 +744,7 @@ server and in protocol A.
* About Aux-Items:: An introduction to aux-items.
* Aux-Item Inheritance:: Comments can inherit aux items.
* Predefined Aux-Item Types:: Predefined aux-items are part of the protocol.
* Client-Specific Aux-Item Types:: Clients can allocate aux-items for
their private use.
......@@ -757,10 +758,8 @@ server and in protocol A.
Aux-items were introduced in protocol version 10 as a mechanism for
extending the conference, text and server information structures without
changing the protocol. Persons were excluded since nobody could figure
out a case where setting an aux-item on the mailbox wasn't as good as
setting it on the person (another reason was that I was fed up writing
aux-item code by the time they were working on texts and conferences.)
changing the protocol. (There is no need for aux-items on persons --
just add an aux-item to the corresponding mailbox.)
The exact structure of an aux item is specified elsewhere
(@pxref{Auxiliary Information}). The important fields here are the
......@@ -785,6 +784,37 @@ parse the item anyway (in contrast to items in the misc-info list.)
@node Aux-Item Inheritance
@subsection Aux-Item Inheritance
An aux item that is placed on a text can be inherited. This means
that if a comment or footnote to the text is created, an almost
identical item will be created on the new text. The @field{tag},
@field{creator}, @field{flags} and @field{data} field will be
inherited unchanged. The @field{aux-no} might be given a different
value. A non-zero @field{inherit-limit} field will be decremented.
The @field{created-at} timestamp will be set to the time when the new
comment or footnote is created.
Inheritance only happens at text creation time. If a comment or
footnote link is added later with @reqlink{add-comment} or
@reqlink{add-footnote}, no items will be inherited. Also, if the link
is removed (via @reqlink{sub-comment} or @reqlink{sub-footnote}, the
inherited items will still be in place.
Inheritance only happens when the @field{inherit} bit is set, and if
@field{inherit-limit} is 0 or greater than 1. @xref{Auxiliary
Information}, for more information.
Inheritance has no meaning for items placed on the server or on a
It is possible for a predefined aux-item to behave in a way that isn't
consistent with the description in this section. The documentation
for the specific aux-item should document any deviations.
@node Predefined Aux-Item Types
@subsection Predefined Aux-Item Types
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