Commit 79d0dc32 authored by Per Cederqvist's avatar Per Cederqvist
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(add-recipient): The permission-denied error code is given if you are

	not supervisor of the author, recipient or sender.  The
	condition used to be more restrictive.
parent db0a920f
......@@ -4716,8 +4716,9 @@ The conference @rarg{conf-no} is already a recipient of the same type as
The text already has the maximum number of recipients.
@item permission-denied
Attempt to change recipient types of a recipient, but not the author of
the text or supervisor of the recipient.
Attempt to change recipient types of a recipient without being the
supervisor of either the author, recipient, or sender of the
@item access-denied
Attempt to add a conference as recipient that the person logged on does
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