Commit 80917261 authored by Per Cederqvist's avatar Per Cederqvist
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Build the program in the test suite.

Removed all old makefile template files.
parent 5b27b36c
1998-07-12 Per Cederqvist <>
Build the program in the test suite.
* src/server/ramkomd.c (restart_kom): Moved to log.c.
* src/server/log.c (restart_kom): Moved here from ramkomd.c.
* src/server/ (noinst_LIBRARIES): Added libcheck.a.
(libcheck_a_SOURCES): New library, used by the test suite.
* src/server/testsuite/ (noinst_PROGRAMS): Added test-l2g.
(EXTRA_DIST): Removed test-l2g.c.
(test_l2g_SOURCES): Added test-l2g.c.
(test_l2g_LDADD): Added ../libcheck.a.
(../libcheck.a): New target.
Removed all old makefile template files.
* Makefile.src: Removed.
* doc/Makefile.src: Removed.
* doc/man/Makefile.src: Removed.
* run-support/Makefile.src: Removed.
* scripts/Makefile.src: Removed.
* src/Makefile.src: Removed.
* src/include/Makefile.src: Removed.
* src/include/server/Makefile.src: Removed.
* src/libraries/Makefile.src: Removed.
* src/libraries/gnumalloc/Makefile.src: Removed.
* src/libraries/libansi/Makefile.src: Removed.
* src/libraries/libcommon/Makefile.src: Removed.
* src/libraries/libisc-new/Makefile.src: Removed.
* src/libraries/libisc-new/src/Makefile.src: Removed.
* src/libraries/libmisc/Makefile.src: Removed.
* src/libraries/regex/Makefile.src: Removed.
* src/libraries/regex/doc/Makefile.src: Removed.
* src/libraries/regex/test/Makefile.src: Removed.
* src/server/Makefile.src: Removed.
* src/server/testsuite/Makefile.src: Removed.
Fixed "make dist".
* SERVER-RELEASE: Slightly updated.
* src/server/testsuite/config/ New file.
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