Commit 86829326 authored by Per Cederqvist's avatar Per Cederqvist
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Test suite: Made the "stalled client" test more robust.

parent 7e04141b
2003-08-02 Per Cederqvist <>
Test suite: Made the "stalled client" test more robust.
* src/server/testsuite/lyskomd.0/38.exp: Made the test for a
stalled client more robust.
(monitor_progress): Shut down the client if a timeout occurs.
(send_queue_size): New proc.
* src/server/testsuite/get-time-often.c (reading_from_server): New
(request_limit): New variable.
(start_writing): New static function.
(start_reading): Ditto.
(stop_reading): Ditto.
(read_stdin): New command: start-reading.
(read_server): If do_write_only, just return OOP_HALT when eof on
the server is seen--don't print anything. Print a message if more
than request_limit replies are received.
(write_server): Made a log message unique.
(main): Use start_reading(), start_writing() and stop_reading() to
simplify the code. Don't do a final write; different Unixes
handles this in various strange ways, and we don't want to test
Test suite fix.
* src/server/testsuite/lyskomd.0/38.exp: Use a small message size
and transmit queue.
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