Commit 87d93d3e authored by Per Cederqvist's avatar Per Cederqvist
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Fixed "make dist". Removed obsolete and unused files. Don't

version-control generated files.  Removed the last traces of zmalloc.
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1998-07-12 Per Cederqvist <>
Fixed "make dist".
* SERVER-RELEASE: Slightly updated.
* src/server/testsuite/config/ New file.
* src/server/testsuite/ (SUBDIRS): Added config.
(EXTRA_DIST): Added .cvsignore and test-l2g.c.
(MOSTLYCLEANFILES): Added .gdbinit and site.exp.
* src/server/ (EXTRA_DIST): Added .cvsignore,
ChangeLog.1, Magics, To-do, aux-item-def.l, aux-item-def.y,
call-switch.awk, com-h.awk, fnc-def-init.awk,
prot-a-parse-arg-c.awk, prot-a-parse-arg-h.awk, fncdef.txt,
free.gdb, handle-malloc-dump.el, malloc.gdb, realloc.gdb,
trace-mem.gdb and logII.c.
(MOSTLYCLEANFILES): Added .gdbinit, call-switch.incl, com.h,
fnc-def-init.incl, fncdef-no-str-limit.txt, prot-a-parse-arg.h and
(lyskomd_SOURCES): Added admin.h, async.h, aux-items.h,
cache-node.h, cache.h, conf-file.h, connections.h,
end-of-atomic.h, exp.h, internal-connections.h,
internal-services.h, isc-interface.h, isc-malloc.h, isc-parse.h,
kom-memory.h, local-to-global.h, log.h, lyskomd.h, manipulate.h,
minmax.h, mux-parse.h, mux.h, param.h, prot-a-output.h,
prot-a-parse.h, prot-a-send-async.h, prot-a.h, ram-output.h,
ram-parse.h, rfc931.h, send-async.h, server-config.h,
string-malloc.h, text-garb.h, tmp-limits.h and version-info.h.
(dbck_SOURCES): Added dbck-cache.h and getopt.h.
* src/libraries/libmisc/ (EXTRA_DIST): Added ChangeLog.1.
* src/libraries/libcommon/ (EXTRA_DIST): Added ChangeLog.1.
* src/include/ (EXTRA_DIST): Added ChangeLog.1.
* run-support/ (EXTRA_DIST): Added .cvsignore, and
* doc/man/ (EXTRA_DIST): Added $(man_MANS).
* doc/prot-A-english.txt: Added a reference to Protocol-A.texi.
* doc/ (EXTRA_DIST): Added Buggar.fixade, Bugrapporter,
LOGG, Protocol-A.texi, aux-info.doc, clients.assigned,, dbck.latexinfo, disc-cache.spec, local-to-global.doc,
lyskomd-database-format, mux.proto, prot-A-english.txt and
* db-crypt/db/ (EXTRA_DIST): Added .cvsignore.
* db-crypt/ (EXTRA_DIST): Added .cvsignore.
* Generate src/server/testsuite/config/Makefile.
* (EXTRA_DIST): Added ChangeLog.1, README.FSF,
SERVER-RELEASE, mkmi and versions.
Removed obsolete and unused files.
* src/server/disk-end-of-atomic.c: Don't include disk-cache.h.
* src/server/sync.c: Removed.
* src/server/disk-cache.h: Removed.
* src/server/cache.c: Removed.
* src/server/cache-database.h: Removed.
* src/server/cache-database.c: Removed.
* scripts/mkmi.m4: Removed.
* scripts/ Removed.
* doc/libraries: Removed
* doc/fileformat: Removed.
* doc/elisp-client.user-manual: Removed.
* doc/elisp-client.internals: Removed.
* doc/Introduktion: Removed.
Don't version-control generated files.
* src/server/ No longer kept under version
Removed the last traces of zmalloc.
* src/libraries/libmisc/ (libmisc_a_SOURCES): Removed
1998-07-11 Per Cederqvist <>
Install the sample database (unless it was already installed).
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