Commit 8b6f86dc authored by Per Cederqvist's avatar Per Cederqvist
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Fix some portability issues in liboop.

Update the warnings filter.
parent 33186f0c
2003-07-15 Per Cederqvist <>
Fix some portability issues in liboop.
* src/libraries/liboop/read.c: Undefine MIN before defining it.
* src/libraries/liboop/ Check for <string.h>.
* src/libraries/liboop/adns.c: Include <string.h> to get rid of a
warning on AIX 4.3.
* src/libraries/liboop/glib.c: Ditto.
* src/libraries/liboop/select.c: Ditto.
* src/libraries/liboop/sys.c: Ditto.
Update the warnings filter.
* scripts/warnings.sed: Updated.
Reduce the number of false warnings from Xenofarm.
* scripts/ Don't produce output on stderr when
checking for the existence of certain programs.
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