Commit 8dede505 authored by Per Cederqvist's avatar Per Cederqvist
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More Protocol-A.texi tweaks.

parent cd5f0ed3
2001-05-17 Per Cederqvist <ceder@moria>
More Protocol-A.texi tweaks.
* doc/Protocol-A.texi (Top, Concepts, The Aux-Item List)
(Fundamentals, LysKOM Data Types, Who Information)
(Protocol Requests, Asynchronous Messages, Common Commands): Menu
descriptions added.
(get-text): @badspell added in example.
(Who Information): These types are all obsolete. Almost.
(Client-Server Dialog): Mention asynchronous messages.
2001-05-13 Per Cederqvist <ceder@moria>
Spell-check Protocol-A.texi.
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