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Removed the -c and -c flags. Added "Aux-item definition file".

parent 0f91fcb4
.\" $Id: lyskomd.8,v 1.28 1998/08/07 09:02:33 ceder Exp $
.\" $Id: lyskomd.8,v 1.29 1998/08/07 23:30:06 ceder Exp $
.\" Copyright (C) 1991, 1994 Lysator Academic Computer Association.
.\" This file is part of the LysKOM server.
......@@ -21,8 +21,8 @@
.\" Please mail bug reports to
.\" $Id: lyskomd.8,v 1.28 1998/08/07 09:02:33 ceder Exp $
.\" $Date: 1998/08/07 09:02:33 $
.\" $Id: lyskomd.8,v 1.29 1998/08/07 23:30:06 ceder Exp $
.\" $Date: 1998/08/07 23:30:06 $
.TH lyskomd 8 "January 12, 1994" "Lysator"
lyskomd - LysKOM server
......@@ -33,15 +33,6 @@ lyskomd - LysKOM server
] [
.B config-file
.B lyskomd
.B -d
] [
.B -c config-file
] [
.B -a aux-item-defs
This documents lyskomd release 1.9.0. lyskomd is a LysKOM server.
......@@ -66,12 +57,6 @@ make the process print a
for every timeout, a message for every person that is connecting or
disconnecting and a message for every successful or unsuccessful
communication to the process.
.B \-c config-file
Selects which configuration file to use (see CONFIGURATION below).
.B \-a aux-item-defs
Selects which file to read definitions of aux-items from.
The configuration file is line oriented.
Each line consists of one
......@@ -253,6 +238,10 @@ memory to
Almost any memory leak bugs should be detectable by looking in this
.B Aux-item definition file: aux_def_file
This files defines which aux-infos the server should support, and how
it should handle them. See the Texinfo documentation.
.B Idle timeout: idle
Number of milliseconds to sleep when there is nothing for lyskomd
to do.
......@@ -474,11 +463,17 @@ complete database file!
.IB prefix /etc/pid
File with the pid of the lyskom-process.
.IB database-directory /etc/memory-usage
.IB prefix /etc/memory-usage
On normal exit,
.I lyskomd
will append some statistics to this file. It can be used for
detecting memory leaks.
.IB prefix /etc/aux-items.conf
This file contains definitions of the aux-items that the server should
support. It is read by
.I lyskomd
at startup. See the Texinfo documentation for more information.
lyskomd should re-read the config file when a SIGHUP is received.
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